Evadale Fly-by

I did a fly-by @ Evadale and caught a few minutes of the boys and girls games. We sure have some softball / baseball talent at good old West Hardin.

Voice of an Angel

National Anthem performed by our beautiful Ms. Dannie Smith!!

She has the voice of an angel!!

Valentines Shoot

I’ve had several ask about a Valentines shoot.

Here is is!! 🙂

This will be in Batson on Saturday February 4th 3:00pm – 9:30pm.

Shoot #1 Valentine Box 12×12 digital image print which consist of two people and five photos. $35.00

Shoot #2 will be an 8×10 digital image print and a 16×20 digital image poster. $25.00

Both for $50

Private message the time you would like and directions will be sent.

(GPS takes to wrong location)

Our Future Varsity Basketball

I would like to say a BIG Thank you to their coaches that volunteer and pour themselves into our children and grandchildren.

God Bless You ALL!!

Little Dribbler Photos

Little dribbler photos will be this next coming Monday the 16th in the Junior High gym. (See your Coach for your teams time)

Digital package will include a 5×7 individual photo with matching 5×7 team photo. They will be sent to your preferred email.

Sample of the digital background is below.

Price of package is $15.00 or if you have multiple siblings playing in Little Dribblers… they will be $10.00

I hope everyone will try to make it so the team photos will be complete.. They’re treasured memories for years to come and so fun to look back on during their senior year.

If anyone happens to miss due to illness etc. The individual photos will be available for retake at the studio in Batson.

Trailer Build-Off

Today the West Hardin Ag Mechanics hosted their annual “Trailer Build-off”.

To me it is an amazing thing to arrive in the morning and see a pile of STUFF that I cannot identify and machines and tools I have no idea what they are… and hours later they have created these beautiful trailers.

These young people have skills and talent that will carry them far in life.

What always comes to my mind is that before they apply for their first college, they are already equipped to make a good living while supporting a family.

This is hard work and all these teams make it look easy!!

West Hardins senior team took FIRST place while our Junior team took THIRD place!!


This was no easy task… I believe there were TWELVE teams… I am sure I will miss a few but they were Troup ISD, Junction ISD, Bremond ISD, East Chambers ISD, Central ISD, Shelbyville ISD, Liberty ISD, Madisonville ISD, Newton ISD, Anahuac ISD and of course West Hardin. (Plus two that I am forgetting but not intentional)

Congratulations to all these students for an amazing show of workmanship and skill!!

Congratulations to West Hardins teams… I have no doubt because of their knowledge, skills, talent and wisdom that Mr. Merrifield has shared they each will be a GREAT success.

Congratulations to Mr. James Merrifield.… yall all are winners!!

God is so GOOD!!

Christmas Mini-Session

Date: December 15th AND December 17th

Location: Batson, Texas

Digital Package includes 8×10 and 5×7

Print an unlimited quantity.

Makes GREAT Christmas gifts.

Price of Session:


Please Private message or comment on THIS original post so that the request doesn’t get overlooked.

(Appointments will be updated throughout the day)


December 15th

(During School Hours for Preschoolers)

Golden Pride Country Christmas

I spent the day at the “Golden Pride Country Christmas” in Thicket.

I seen old friends and met what I hope is new ones.

Not many old ladies get an opportunity to spend the day with two handsome fellas such as these.. “Santa and Grinch” aka Cayden Brown and Hunter Coutee makes for a pretty good Saturday.

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported the band through the for photo-shoot.

I want to say a BIG Thank You to Ebony Patton for her help today… without her I would not had made it to 4pm.

God is so Good!

Coach Hardy You’re Loved

I stayed for a few minutes of the Girls game tonight vs Colmesneil.

It was great seeing Coach Hardy and the reaction from students throughout the gym.

It made me reflect back on my school years… you can have GREAT teachers that teach and build your knowledge and skills but teachers that builds your knowledge and skills while building YOU up at the same time are always unforgettable!!

Possible Reward Offered

Guillott#999765 has broke out of jail and possibly headed to some location looking for popcorn balls.

Officer Tristynn Martin in Hot Pursuit.

Everyone can rest easy tonight. Thanks to Officer Martin the Escapee has been captured.

This dangerous criminal was apprehended with numerous amounts of popcorn balls!!

Seriously, this has been an amazing day from beginning to end.

City-Folks just don’t know what they’re missing… every stop was filled with a lifetime of memories!!

TRICK or TREATING at its best!!

I loved so much seeing all the “littles” and the “bigs”… the smiles and anticipation of what was next tickled me. The hayrides and trailers piled full of children, parents, grandparents and fur-babies Where else but our Batson!!

Amy Enloe yall Cotton Candy hit the spot. I hit Tristynn’s bag at the next stop!! (Yes, I am that kind of Gammy!! Big Grin

I know everyone contributes in their own special way but I must give a shout-out to Sherry, Rip, their beautiful family and all that makes the popcorn balls and Rip’s hotdogs a success. They were amazing as always and it was the only time I got out of the trailer for treats!!

God Bless you all!!

(I would like to add that I was captured by the most beautiful officer ever and she did confiscate my popcorn balls.

I were given the extras by our beautiful Sherry and her comment as I was walking away was “Take those extras and maybe you can trade them for cigarettes” Bigger Grin!!

God is so good!!