Great Job Guys!!

Last month I had the honor of capturing the Sophomore, Junior and Senior West Hardin Youth football teams.

Today I am excited to hear they all three won their games over Cold Spring.

Sophomores, I hope this banner puts a smile on yalls sweet faces!!

Junior and Seniors, I will have yalls up in a few days.


If I had a Redo

…at sixty years old I have many regrets.

I didn’t realize my love for sports until my children competed in school.

If I had a redo of my school years I would go back and be more sports minded.

I would do it not only for the JOY that I see in it now BUT in hopes to look out in the crowd and see Mr. Unc sitting there!!

He watches so intently, He is a fan through and through!!

Everyone loves our Mr. Unc!!

Rite of Passage

This afternoon the 7th grade volleyball girls took the home court for the first time EVER.

It was great seeing all the support of family and friends… their FANS!!

This one game is the first of many… and in a blink of an eye they will be hearing their name called out as they take the court one last time while celebrating “Senior Night.”

My prayer is that each one of these young ladies be a sponge soaking up every cherished memory. That with every win they celebrate and with defeat they see it as only a stepping stone.

God bless you girls… looking forward to these next four years.

It’s Not Always About the Win

H-J got the win 3-0 but West Hardin definitely put up a fight and I believe that our Lady Oilers learned a lot from these HJ Girls.

This one shot of Lecee Mosley’s was kinda a “big deal to me.” 🙂

The ball came out of no where, as she turned around it was like BAM… she almost did a backbend with the return.

Great job ladies… yall each did awesome and its not always about the numbers!!

What a Beautiful Spirit

Friday night our JV and Varsity volleyball girls hosted Good Samaritan. They did an amazing job!!! I love each and everyone of them but I want to focus this post on our opponents.

I have enjoyed many a game in my 60-years, but I can honestly say that this group of parents, Grand’s, Uncles, Aunts and supporters has been my favorite by far.

The visitor’s side was packed!! We’ve played 4-A schools during tournaments and they not have that good of a turnout.

It wasn’t so much the quantity that impressed me as the quality.

I am not being derogatory against any other team but these Good Samaritan supporters had such a SWEET SPIRIT about them. Regardless win, lose, up or down they encouraged and clapped for both teams. That explained the amazing sportsmanship on the court!!

I love our Oilers… but there is so much more love to go around!!

God is so Good!!

Way to go Kade!!

This made my heart smile.

We have some amazing athletes. It’s not always about the fastest you run, the higher you jump or the harder you hit.

Sometimes it’s about the HEART and tenacity of the person.

This young man Kade Schroeder was at the volleyball game last Friday as our Varsity girls took on Good Samaritan.

While the team was warming up, one of our players didn’t have a partner, and this young man did not hesitate to help out.

I’m reminded about the old saying about teamwork… “Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Kade, my young friend… You are more than a drop!!

You are a river flowing into this great ocean of Oilers!!!

West Hardin Youth Football

I just completed the West Hardin Youth Football individual photos.

You could feel the excitement in the room.

They are ready to take the field!!!

I am anxious to catch some of their games.

Thank you to Coach TK Jeanes, Coach Zach Simmons, Coach Scotty Gilmore and all the assistant coaches.

I know that being a coach requires a lot of dedication, patience and LOVE.

After a long week at your jobs and showing up at the football field on Saturday morning means so much to these boys and the community.

God Bless you all Good luck this season!!

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Cook

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Justin Cook!!

Kameryn and Justin, it was an honor capturing these photos and spending time with yall yesterday.

You are a beautiful couple and GOD has great plans for you both!!!

Rosie aka Ptosh

Being a model is a really tough job!!!

Several Have Asked..

“What happened to all the previous post?”

I deleted them last week to make more space available.