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Question of the Day

How many Pirates does it take to stop a Fregia?


I would like to give a big SHOUT-OUT to our First Responders… today’s “Community Appreciation” at the BVFD station was the bomb!!

Our community knows it took a lot to pull this off.. you each showed perfect examples of “teamwork.”

From the firefighters around the fish fryer, the ones that served the crowd to the ones working behind the scenes THANK YOU!!

I know the fish was delicious but I loved witnessing the fellowship, laughter and stories of the past and present being shared among the community. Almost everyone I talked with had a memory to share.

I must add the station looks AMAZING!! There had been a lot of work, sweat and tears poured into it.. and it shows.

Everyone take a look at this one photo of the stretcher with the “Dummy” laying on it… that is the Stryker Lucas chest compression system. It is like having an extra set of hands in a literal LIFE and DEATH situation!!

I was in AWE!!

Batson is blessed with the best

… Thank you all for not only what you did today but everyday… 24-hours a day… God Bless you all.

Great Job Oilers

I did a local 15-minute fly-by to watch OUR awesome undefeated baseball guys remain undefeated against Big Sandy.  I am so proud of them… what a season they are having!!  

Congrats Brenton, Kamrie and Saige

Last week I had the pleasure of capturing some memories with a precious family.

When I say family, I am talking about an entourage of beautiful family.

It was awesome watching as parents, grandparents and friends proudly watched these young people SHINE!!

My prayer would be that every child / young person had that kind LOVE and VILLAGE behind them.

I loved them all but I must say “Patricia, you always make my day!!”

I posted these few and realized that I take way too many B&W (Big Smile)

Its a personal LOVE for me. I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I feel that B&W “speaks” to you loudly. 🙂

Brenton, Kamrie and Saige Congratulations, yall three are going to do GREAT things in this world!!

WH Community Women’s Conference

What a beautiful weekend it was at the WH Community Women’s Conference at First Assembly Saratoga.

I’ve been hearing about the conference for months but in my head, I just couldn’t figure out how the theme “as it is in Heaven” was coming together.

On the first night it unfolded right before our eyes!!

We heard an anointed testimony and message that was straight from God and when God does something… he does it right!!

Anna Hearne and Farrah Hashaw, Thank you so much!!

Night two was another GREAT night at the “WH Community Women’s Conference” at First Assembly Saratoga.

I am in AWE of what GOD has done the last two days.

It was not a denomination thing it was a GOD thing!!

There was every denomination represented locally and GOD put forth his word and I believe with all my heart and agree that the women in our community are most definitely “FIT FOR BATTLE.”

Thank you so much Ms. Elsa Aragon for sharing your beautiful testimony. You are an amazing “Baby Zebra” (You would have had to been there) you touched my heart and I hope our paths cross again.

A big thank you to Annette Hashaw, God has blessed this precious lady with such a gift, and I am so very thankful for the message God gave her tonight. She is such a blessing to this community!!

Prior to the service all the ladies were invited to a beautiful banquet.

The men not only prepared the food but served us ladies.

I’m not talking just the men of the church but young men all the way down to a second grader that I wanted to take home with me.

He was so stinkin SWEET and made my heart happy!!

The beautifully decorated fellowship hall was breathtaking, thanks to Sheila Hobbs Chesson. God has blessed her with such a talent!!

During this delicious meal Lee-Ann went up on stage and made a presentation.

I was honored along with the WONDERFUL Ms. CindyGary Flowers to be named “West Hardin Women’s Conference Woman of the Year.”

Thank yall so much for the kind words and this beautiful award!! You will never know how much this means to me.

Again, thank you Lee-Ann Alpers and the HUGE team that prayed over this conference and made it the success it was.

God is so Good!!

College Signing of Intent

This morning I attended a college signing of intent ceremony.

It was AWESOME!!

A big congratulations goes out to Mackenzie Fregia, Shelby Tousha, Cailyn Trousdale and Mason Wells.

I’m so proud of each of you!!

God Bless You Carter

This little fella has no idea who I am.. I am sure he knows me as the fluffy lady that is always behind the camera… (Big Grin)

He may not know until he is in high school but I want his parents to know that their baby boy makes my heart explode with JOY!!

He always gives me the biggest smile and it is almost like a “Well there you are” when he sees my camera.

God is so good and I pray blessings and protection over this child!!

Ag Mechanics ROCK!!

I cant begin to express how proud I am of our Ag Mechanics… they amaze me with every project. A few weeks ago I did a fly-by taking random photos.

I was about to delete a SD card last night for a shoot and noticed these photos on there. I did realize they had not been down loaded!!

I can no longer say “GUYS” I guess I must say “Young People” (big grin) yall ALL amaze me with your talent!!