I would like to give a big SHOUT-OUT to our First Responders… today’s “Community Appreciation” at the BVFD station was the bomb!!

Our community knows it took a lot to pull this off.. you each showed perfect examples of “teamwork.”

From the firefighters around the fish fryer, the ones that served the crowd to the ones working behind the scenes THANK YOU!!

I know the fish was delicious but I loved witnessing the fellowship, laughter and stories of the past and present being shared among the community. Almost everyone I talked with had a memory to share.

I must add the station looks AMAZING!! There had been a lot of work, sweat and tears poured into it.. and it shows.

Everyone take a look at this one photo of the stretcher with the “Dummy” laying on it… that is the Stryker Lucas chest compression system. It is like having an extra set of hands in a literal LIFE and DEATH situation!!

I was in AWE!!

Batson is blessed with the best

… Thank you all for not only what you did today but everyday… 24-hours a day… God Bless you all.