Congrats Brenton, Kamrie and Saige

Last week I had the pleasure of capturing some memories with a precious family.

When I say family, I am talking about an entourage of beautiful family.

It was awesome watching as parents, grandparents and friends proudly watched these young people SHINE!!

My prayer would be that every child / young person had that kind LOVE and VILLAGE behind them.

I loved them all but I must say “Patricia, you always make my day!!”

I posted these few and realized that I take way too many B&W (Big Smile)

Its a personal LOVE for me. I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I feel that B&W “speaks” to you loudly. 🙂

Brenton, Kamrie and Saige Congratulations, yall three are going to do GREAT things in this world!!